Letter: Minimum wage

April 7, 2014 

The minimum wage question is so perplexing and does not have one or even two possible answers. Teen jobs have dropped, but do we want them to begin working for a lifetime of minimum wage? It appears a redefinition might provide the answer, but it won't remain simple

Should employers who hire people with experience in their industry be allowed to pay the minimum wage? If someone is required to have and pay for some training, should he or she receive the minimum wage?

Maybe the economy needs a training wage and a minimum wage. Training has a cost and it would place the question on the employer whether a worker with experience or training or an inexperienced worker falls within the bottom line.

Unfortunately, it might place teens at an increased demand at the cost of experienced workers who need to support a family. Also, we would need to be alert for employers who would exploit teen workers who need to give educational goals appropriate priority.

This question is not easy and needs to be discussed instead of picked apart, with the pieces used in defense of one's argument.


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