Fast Focus: 'What would you like the future of the Hanford Reach Monument to be?' Return it to the people

April 6, 2014 

According to the Congressional Research Service, federal land ownership equates to 28 percent of available U.S. land. Most of that federal ownership is in the western United States. The feds own 62 percent of Alaska and 47 percent of 11 border-sharing western states. Doesn't it make one wonder how the feds arbitrarily seized the land from working men and women (agrarians) but there does not seem to be a willingness to return it back to the private sector?

If the area remains in the hands of the feds or state control, you can bet that the EPA will restrict any use that may provide economic vitalization for the scab land i.e., despite being adjacent to vast amounts of potential irrigation from the Columbia, the land will remain dormant. If it is left as the Hanford Reach Monument, it will soon lose its allure. Driving across vast wastelands to see a defunct reactor just won't be the same if controversy about Hanford's cleanup is a moot point. We should consider giving the land back to the private sector and, for a change, call it a Hanford Monumental Occasion.

-- DAVE LEE, Kennewick

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