Fast Focus: 'What would you like the future of the Hanford Reach Monument to be?' Give it to the folks

April 6, 2014 

In 1942, the government, with good cause and adequate compensation, confiscated the townships of Hanford and White Bluffs and the surrounding land. I think that now it would be fair to give it back to the folks. I realize that it could not be returned to the original owners; however, it could be bought by new tenets. Maybe new communities would rise to replace those destroyed and new agriculture would flourish. Maybe even a ferry would be reborn.

Most of the land east of the Columbia, (the Wahluke Unit), could be retrained as part of a national monument in order to preserve the natural beauty of the shrub steppes we have learned to enjoy and to provide an enduring habitat for the flora and fauna. There are back roads and small lakes in this area begging to be explored. We need to preserve some land for nature but we also need to be reasonable and balanced in considering the needs of the people. Of course, B Reactor and other historical sites should be preserved.


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