Letter: Who will save us?

April 5, 2014 

Letter: Who will save us?

Capitalism is the new bogeyman that allows the rich to take from the poor.

Capital is defined as "Wealth, in the form of money or property that is accumulated to form a business." I defy you to produce a 5 cent nail, a $30 computer chip or a $5 gallon of gasoline by yourself from the resources you have in your back yard. None of these things would be available at today's prices without business, capitalism and free trade. Perhaps they wouldn't exist at all. Capitalism is not the problem.

Instead, our increasing population is causing scarcities, and computers are wiping out jobs. Don't expect help from the government. It subsidizes children and poverty, giving us more of each. It subsidizes medicine -- hoping we can live longer and perhaps become immortal. They do so by piling on debt for the next generation to pay -- Keynesian economics. It works until the buck has no place left to stop.

The U.S. and other socialist countries are all heading toward the same place -- bankruptcy and payback time. And when it happens, who will we ask to save us? -- Them that brought us there.

LARRY LANG, Richland

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