Letter: Column reaction

April 3, 2014 

Once again, Mark Mansperger has shown his disdain for the American system (In Focus, March 30). This time his rant is against capitalism. His solution to businesses selling us things we don't need is more government control.

If you sell a product people want to buy, say, newspapers, tacos, ice cream or pick-ups, you need more regulation. He advocates a "strong overseeing body" to make sure we don't buy or sell something we shouldn't.

Of course, we, the people, are the stupid little people who need to be managed and a "strong overseeing body" of elites who will rule us, joining such greats as Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Putin, and the administration of lords and ladies in Washington, D.C.

He's serving more Kool-Aid. Drink up, little ones.

DAN CRAGER, Kennewick

-- Editor's note: Judge Mark Mansperger's column on capitalism for yourself. It is available online at tinyurl.com/mansperger.

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