Letter: Graduation night

April 2, 2014 

Each year, Richland High School holds a graduation party -- free of drugs and alcohol -- to celebrate this memorable night. About 80 percent of Richland grads enjoy this fun and safe celebration.

I have helped with four of the past six graduation parties, and every year I am so impressed with the community support. This year, we promise at least one prize to each graduate who attends. These gifts are made possible through donations from many area merchants and individuals.

For more than 20 years, we have been privileged to have Tim Bush Motors, now BMW of Tri-Cities, donate a car as one of our grand prizes. The car is won through a random drawing held at the very end of the party and grads must be present to win.

Recently Richland High began a "pay it forward" activity, where grads have an opportunity to give service at the party to benefit a community organization. My compliments to the grads who pay it forward at their celebration and my thanks to the many businesses and families who support Richland High. If you know any students from the Class of 2014, ask them how they are celebrating. Help keep them safe and our community strong.


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