Letter: 2-wheeled wizardry

April 2, 2014 

My wholehearted thanks go to Tim Dirgich of TC's Bike Shop in Richland for his assistance, time and gift.

My 14-year old grandson has autism, which in his case makes him afraid to learn to ride a bicycle. Tim and I discussed ideas and options, eventually deciding that a "scooter bike" just might be right for my grandson to learn to balance on a bike. A scooter bike is a bare bike frame, wheels, seat, handlebar and brake. It allows the rider to put his or her feet flat on the ground and walk, push or scoot at their own pace, eventually learning to balance.

Tim assembled the scooter bike from spare parts he had, cleaned it up and presented it to me a few days later, at no cost. He donated his time, and I suspect some parts, so my grandson might learn to ride a bicycle. Thanks, Tim.

I'm confident my grandson will learn to balance a bike and as soon as he does I will buy his first complete bicycle from Tim at TC's Bike Shop.


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