Letter: Museum of Hope

April 2, 2014 

Thank you to LuAnn Leverson and all of the eighth-grade teachers at McLaughlin Middle School in Pasco for their heartfelt hard work associated with The Museum of Hope in which they participated March 6.

The evening, once again, was a great success. The eighth graders in their classes were able to do hands-on projects that brought the truth of the plight of the Jews and all of those people who were caught up in the horror of Nazi rule in World War II. In my opinion, this project makes this real and helps those in the current generations become aware of the horror and cruelty that took place before they were born in the hope that they will never forget the past and work to keep it from ever happening again.

The project also brought to the minds of these young people and their families of the suffering that was endured by many of our American and other countries' military people. My grandchildren have been deeply touched by this experience and I am most grateful to Mrs. Leverson, whose initial vision began this project. May God richly bless you.

ANNA M. LOTTO, Richland

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