Light Notes Extra: Bits from the “cutting room” floor

Posted by Lucy Luginbill on April 2, 2014 

It’s not easy to leave part of a story on the “cutting room floor,” something we used to say when I worked in television. But readers – or viewers – can only “stay tuned” for just so long. (Even the producers may nod at times.) And in any kind of writing, print or video, the flow of the story and the length parameter all play into what a person doesn’t use.

So here’s a tidbit that relates to the last column: Former Bull rider recalls life-changing experience. Micah Smith’s life was transformed through faith. However, it was his mother who prayed consistently for her wild son.

“My mom, as long as I can remember," says Micah, “she prayed for me and influenced me.”

His life-change seemed to happen overnight, but there in the background of Micah’s life, a parent was on her knees. Days went by – and even years. She may have been discouraged at times, yet she didn’t give up. Imagine the feelings in her heart the day Micah called with his good news.

Micah’s heart changed but he says with a smile, “You don’t have to peel down far to find the cowboy.”

A cowboy who follows Jesus, thanks to a mother’s prayer.

Light Notes thought: Is there someone you’ve been praying for but you feel God hasn’t answered? Don’t give up! “Keep on praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT)

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