Letter: OK with auto sales in Columbia Park

April 1, 2014 

In response to the March 23 letter by William Zickuhr regarding car sales in the park. I too have lived in the Tri-Cities for more than 30 years and have enjoyed Columbia Park while raising my family, and I continue to use it.

I remember what Columbia Park looked like 30 years ago compared with now. Our park has become a destination point because of the Playground of Dreams, the Veteran's Memorial, the Family Fishing Pond and the Columbia Center Rotary Stage.

It takes money to maintain a large park like Columbia Park. I applaud the city of Kennewick and the dealership that occasionally leases a small portion of the park for its auto sales. It obviously brings revenue into the city (not only from the lease but also from the sale of vehicles) which offsets the operational costs of the park to the city. Kennewick does an excellent job of keeping the park clean not only after events like this but larger community events as well.

More importantly, I see families in the park making these car purchases. What a wonderful experience as well as a wonderful public/private partnership that benefits everyone in the Tri-Cities!


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