Letter: Hastings' position on immigration unhelpful

April 1, 2014 

It was interesting to read that U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings said that the farmers desperately in need of labor are singing to the choir.

For years now, Hastings' response has been, "We are a nation of laws," when asked for help. Our laws make it illegal for migrant labor to find the way north to help farmers bring the food to this "nation of laws."

The most famous Republican who wanted to rectify the problem of a labor shortage was President George W. Bush. His party would not support him. In fact, the GOP, Hasting's party, fought like green meanies to keep their leader from being successful. They swooned at the thought that a Republican might cooperate with a Democrat. Oh well, everyone knows that he wasn't a very good president anyway, right?

Farmers, most of whom are conservative, are deluding themselves if they think that a majority of the Republicans in Congress will address and correct the problem of a severe labor shortage -- a labor shortage in sectors of the workplace that many unemployed Americans find undesirable or beneath their dignity.

Hastings has announced his retirement. It's time.


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