Letter: Politically correct nonsense

April 1, 2014 

Recently, my 7-year-old granddaughter subjected her teachers and fellow students to some unforgivable behavior. Unfortunately, as her grandparent, I must take some responsibility for her felonious behavior.

I beg the community not to be too harsh in judging me, as I did not realize that 7-year-old children could not mention the words "guns" or "knives" while at school. No matter that the words were not used in a threatening or malevolent manner, just the fact that they were uttered is criminal enough.

I am so ashamed that we have influenced such an unsavory child who will ultimately be turned loose on society. Despite her crying, she should have known those words were abhorrent to our politically correct society. Had I known that the mere mention of the "gun and knife" words would have turned her in to this cancerous societal wart, I would not have read her the stories like David and Goliath.

DAVE LEE, Kennewick

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