Letter: Authorities should deal with chemical hazard

April 1, 2014 

In response to "Riding hazard" (Letters, March 14) by Tina Marie Griffin of Finley.

She stated that while riding her horse in Finley, a mile and a half from Two Rivers Park, she noticed a metal tube coming out of the ground. Then suddenly a big plume of a yellowish, burning chemical came blowing out, which covered her and her horse's faces. She was lucky to get it cleaned off of herself and her horse.

That was a terrible thing to have happened. What is even more terrible is that such a pipe exists. The same thing could have happened to walkers along that route.

Was it reported to the Environmental Protection Agency and the city? We need to know where that yellow stuff is coming from. Also, why it is being released into the air?

We do have pollution here. Notably, it is not as bad as some bigger towns, but it is something that needs to be addressed.

Did anyone else wonder about this problem? I am going to send a letter to the city, and I hope that they will have an explanation and will address the issue.

JOAN BAILEY, Kennewick

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