Letter: Disappointed in Peck

March 31, 2014 

With the announcement of U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings' plans to retire from Congress, the field of candidates for the 4th Congressional District seat has become wide and diverse. As such, I was looking forward to an opportunity to meet many of the candidates at an informal setting by attending the Franklin County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner. I was sadly disappointed.

Franklin County Commissioner Brad Peck was the emcee for the evening. As a 4th District candidate himself, he used the platform to express his opinions, tout his background and promote his alliances. Unfortunately, Mr. Peck failed to introduce any of his fellow candidates in attendance. Although he never mentioned his candidacy, the strong underlying message was self-promotion. He showed absolutely no respect to the other candidates. He certainly has evolved into the type of politician who would blend right in with the unethical characters in Washington, D.C., today!

The breech of ethics Peck demonstrated was an embarrassment. Clearly the integrity of the Republican Party, even at locals levels, is suspect. I was very uncomfortable throughout the evening.

On a positive note, the keynote delivery by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah was motivating and on point.

TONY ZILAR, Kennewick

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