Letter: Beware insurance scams

March 31, 2014 

Please be careful of anyone attempting to mislead the elderly by stating that on top of Medicare, a supplemental health insurance is required by the Affordable Care Act.

In December 2013, a sales representative came to my mother's home, stating that she was required to have a supplemental health insurance on top of her Medicare, otherwise she would be fined $250 per Obamacare.

After contacting Medicare, I was informed that as long as you have Medicare Plan A, you do not need a supplemental health insurance, as this representative was stating. From this misleading information, my mother, who has both Medicare Plan A and Plan B, purchased this supplemental health insurance to avoid getting fined.

Unfortunately, I didn't find out about this until recently but immediately called and had this so called "required" supplemental health insurance cancelled. I'm sure my mother is not the only person who has been taken advantage of. Please don't let your loved ones be next. Be aware of the law!



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