Election letter -- Congress: Didier

March 31, 2014 

Election letter -- Congress: Didier

Is it time to take the professional politicians out of power and return Congress to the people? I think it is. To do that requires that we elect citizens that will go to the nation's capital, represent our interests for a short period, then return home to live under the laws they have enacted. Those we elect have to stand tall, speak loudly and convince their peers to return this country to what it was intended to be. They, with our help, need to return this country to our spiritual and constitutional roots. They need to act without regard for their own political future.

When I look at the slate of candidates for the 4th Congressional District, I see six politicians aspiring to higher office and two private citizens. One of the citizens is a successful farmer and employer with just enough campaign experience to win the election. In that farmer, I see a man who believes in the Constitution of the United States as written, not as some judges and political elite want it to be. I ask you to join me in supporting Clint Didier for Congress.

DON LARSON, West Richland

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