Letter: Chip sealing used to save money

March 31, 2014 

As Kennewick's public works director, it has been very apparent to me that the outcomes from the city's chip-sealing project last fall were not as good as previous years.

Various factors, including grant funding delays, resulted in a late start. The major lesson learned is that waiting too late in the season and trying to seal in colder weather does not provide the results we or our citizens expect. In recent weeks we have been cleaning up excess chips off of sidewalks and streets and are continuing with this effort as needed.

We are also frequently asked why the city does more chip sealing vs. traditional asphalt overlays. The answer is economics. A standard hot mix asphalt paving project costs about $500,000 per mile while it costs about $68,000 per mile to chip seal. More detailed information is also available on the city's website www.go2kennewick.com.

The residents of Kennewick are not only our customers but they are our friends, neighbors, family, our children's school teachers, etc. The staff at the city of Kennewick considers it a privilege to serve, and it is equally disappointing when we don't get the outcomes we had hoped for.


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