Letter: Banana republic

March 30, 2014 

Why do so many wage earners vote against their self-interests? Many of them don't seem to realize the true differences between our political parties. They don't seem to realize that the GOP has long since been hijacked by the super-rich big mules, businesses and corporations.

If it were up to the current GOP, there would be no minimum wage, minorities would not be able to vote, many regulations would be quashed, there would be no public schools, Social Security would be privatized, Medicare would no longer exist, being gay would be illegal, women would lose more rights and choices than ever before, unions would be illegal, etc.

Instead, many wage earners embrace the false gospel spewed by Fox news station blowhards. Other major networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS) do not editorialize, while Fox specializes in lies, hyperbole and outright blather. More wage earners need to start thinking for themselves rather than accepting what they are being told to think. If they don't start thinking for themselves and vote for their own self-interests, the United States will become just another banana republic.


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