Fast Focus: What advice do you have for the Regional PFD? For the good of the community

March 30, 2014 

To be successful, the Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities District needs to turn down the volume from special interest organizations that don't represent voters. Organizations like the TCRCC, TRIDEC, TCVCB and all the other sundry business and professional organizations that represent very narrow constituencies. Not that there's anything wrong with that ... but they certainly don't speak for the voting public.

Such organizations filter their views of what the "public" wants or needs by looking at their bottom lines and wanting to improve them is some fashion. The Regional PFD has to understand that not everything the public wants has to be translated into some sort of business opportunity.

If the Regional PFD floats another project that smacks of "business opportunities" and appears to be so darn important to "revenue generation" rather than an important element in satisfying the real needs of our region's voting public, it will fail again.

If any project is such a "must have" or "sure thing," then let the private sector or donors fund it. Let them take the risks of birthing a white elephant. The public is carrying its share of these wounded creatures that seem to always need taxpayer help again and again.

-- PHIL CHURCH, West Richland

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