Clear thinking important in all aspects of life

By the Rev. Sandra SmithMarch 29, 2014 

Anything we do in life always depends on using what we know. Even when the unexpected pops up before our very eyes, having an imagination and a connection with God allows us to come up with a solution.

It's fairly easy to think clearly when everything in life is going your way, isn't it? But often when a crisis occurs, there is a challenge to thinking clearly.

For example, the baby falls and hits its nose on the table beside the bed. Reacting by getting hysterical about the blood is going to do what? Very likely it will make the baby hysterical too. Responding in a softer voice, picking the baby up and applying a tissue to the spot where it is bleeding will do more to calm the baby down.

Remaining calm when the world around you is chaotic lessens the energy of the situation.

All of us add or detract from the energy in the world around us. Think for a moment about a special friend or family member that you enjoy being around. Is it because they are throwing off negative energy by being angry? Probably not.

Think for a moment about the music you like to listen to, and the music that you are not that fond of. When we listen to the radio, we may choose what we listen to. We can tune in to the music that feeds our soul.

Life is like that as well. We all vibrate energy and we have a choice of the energy we ourselves vibrate.

What is the difference between calm and stillness? Calm is the ability to remain calm in any situation, regardless of the emotions that may be running rampant around you. Stillness is clearing space in your mind.

Why is it that getting still is important? It helps us to focus our mind on what our next step is, so that when we say a prayer it will be for the highest and best; and we can get definite about exactly what it is that we want.

The more positive and direct we are, the more we can put conviction into our prayer, the better the outcome.

So often in Religious Science we hear our thoughts create our reality, and there is a Power of Attraction that brings to us the things we desire. It would be very simplistic to say, "wish it and it is so." It goes much deeper than that.

The founder of the Church of Religious Science, Ernest Holmes, tells us in A New Design for Living, "It is impossible to say too much about the necessity of the declaration made in a prayer or treatment being a real conviction in the consciousness of the one making it, a complete belief in the truth of the statement."

So we need to be clear in our thinking, and know what is true for us. Perfect actions and words are there when we need them. God's perfect right action always occurs.

-- Rev. Sandra Smith is pastor of Center for Spiritual Living -- Tri-Cities located in Kennewick. Questions and comments should be directed to editor Lucy Luginbill in care of the Tri-City Herald newsroom, 333 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, WA 99336. Or email

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