Letter: Education spending

March 28, 2014 

Thank you, Washington legislators, for the funding that you have kindly bestowed on public schools. It was generous to support the largest and most powerful area of education -- the bureaucracy.

In fact, the same day that I heard of the state's funding decision; I (a high school teacher) had to fight, again, to get a firewall removed from my computer. I, like many teachers, was not successful because as our district technology director wrote, "The IP address is a security threat." This would make sense if I had been trying to reach some subversive terrorist organization, but I was requesting access to WSU/Northwest Public Radio.

Anyway, in the last few years, the district's technology and teaching/learning departments have mushroomed. These people give workshops, write documents and create firewalls (one that almost stopped the SAT) to facilitate education. Unfortunately, they have taken away our textbook adoptions and some computer access.

I've stopped counting how many people fill the three administration buildings. Yes, it's truly a red-letter day because for the seventh year in a row, teachers have been denied a cost-of-living wage increase. But $60 million is flowing to those who most affect student learning, right?


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