Letter: Choice over coercion

March 28, 2014 

I've boiled it down to two things: choice or coercion.

Science tells us that we're the result of evolution, while faith says we're part of a plan. Yet no one can give a definitive answer. I suggest the point is moot. Our origins are irrelevant. What we do today matters.

So what do what we value? I've always felt the terms life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were self-evident. But it appears that in today's world these terms have different meanings.

Today these terms are determined by appointees rather than individuals. and personal opinion has been over ruled by political correctness. Right and wrong is now determined by Bill Maher. Is that what George Washington had in mind? I think not.

The question remains, will we have faith in humanity and trust that individuals will make the right choices? Or decide that a village is the preferred alternative?

As for me, I'll take choice over coercion. I accept the responsibility of liberty over the bonds of mediocrity. The alternative is to accept the notion of random chance with no purpose, no standards and no morality.

No thanks. I think believing in people is better than nothing.

JEREMY OWEN, Kennewick

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