Letter: More than one walleye at risk

March 28, 2014 

After reading all of the controversy over an angler's failure to release the state record walleye he caught, it became very apparent many people have not read the state fishing regulations.

The state has removed all restrictions on not only walleye but bass and catfish too! This action not only makes the keeping of one fish a moot point, it also means the state has declared open war on the warm water fishery -- the outcome possibly being total depletion of one of the greatest walleye fisheries in the world.

Many industries depend on the sale of consumer commodities based on sports fishermen and women coming to Washington to try to catch one of these Columbia River trophy walleyes. Walleye and bass tournaments across the state could disappear.

Thanks to those who are conservation minded for thinking about the loss of one fish, but please look at the bigger picture -- a total loss of a great resource because of misguided state officials, interested only in eradicating the warm water fish so many sportsmen enjoy persuing. Please contact your state and local officials and legislators and show the level of concern you have shown for this one fish to the entire fishery.

RUSS SMITCH, Kennewick

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