Letter: Vote for real leaders

March 27, 2014 

Our country suffers from too many pushy leaders who want utopia right now. It's true, scientific progress has exploded, so some leaders are trying to foresee us into utopia ahead of what is reasonable and possible. Congress has loaded up on advisors who willingly propose way beyond reason to make the politicians look good. Actually this is a fault throughout much of our government. This is why we are seriously in debt and how the elite think about wonderful proposals, forgetting that everything comes with a cost. Our real problem is being adult, having adult ethics and understanding and wanting the best for our country (nonselfish goals). Have you ever seen a poor Congressman? Not sure any exist.

1. Plan of the elite is too downgrade education (although that's not what they say) and keep suggesting that if we follow the elite, we will excel like European nations. Who believes this?

2. Printing excess money to cover expenses without deserving the earning. Obvious impossibility.

3. Media preaches false leadership instead of fact failure. We can't blossom on false data.

These types of issues are what are hurting our country, yet some in Congress play the game. We must clean up our act and be cognizant of how to live, act, react and vote for real leaders.


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