Thankful Thursday: The art of being grateful

March 27, 2014 

My friend Rosemary Merckx recently retired from the board of Allied Arts after at least 50 years of involvement with that organization. While looking into her history, I was impressed by not only all the projects she's worked on, but by the thought of all the other people who helped organize, complete and publicize them.

These thoughts lingered as I enjoyed the Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre's wonderful production of Les Misrables last weekend. Beautiful voices, terrific costuming, and impressive sets. What unseen people tended to every detail of making the staging work? We know to thank the people who are on playbills, concert programs, and even less visible board of directors lists, but there are many other people, often volunteers, who toil with as much dedication on the organizational and other busy work as the talented individuals who are more obvious.

We should thank not only Rosemary but all the other arts volunteers (as well as paid staff who often add unpaid hours of work) for their gift of time to help bring the arts to our community. What kind of life would we have without them?


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