Thankful Thursday: The peaceful path

March 27, 2014 

While finishing up my senior year at Richland High School, I've been thinking of what I will remember most from these years. Though Friday night football games and inspirational teachers are on the top of most students' minds, mine is much different. The bypass shelter belt is what I will always remember. It has been a place of comfort for me for the last four years.

I run track and cross country and I've done hundreds of miles on this trail. A wall separates the trail from the excess sounds from the freeway, making it a peaceful place to run. The long stretch of trees connect above the path, forming an arch of intertwining branches. It is beautiful. I'm so thankful for the Richland Parks and Recreation who created it. The shelter belt is more than a walking path. For me, it's been a place of struggle, a place of dedication and a place of accomplishment.

My friends and I joke that when we get back from college, we will come and run on it, but really I know we are not joking.


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