Letter: Jury of peers a flawed system

March 24, 2014 

Kudos to Benton County juror Brian Oliver for pointing out that some jurors' decisions are "emotional rather than logical." (Regarding the Joshua Hunt verdict).

This should be a reminder to judges, lawyers and politicians that not all people are qualified to be jurors. Our forefathers' good intentions of judging guilt or innocence by our peers is being abused by those responsible for judicial reform, such as judges, lawyers and politicians.

Unfortunately for most of us taxpayers, reform is unlikely since those responsible for reform (judges, lawyers and politicians) are making so much money on the sick system the way it is now, there is no incentive for them to fix it.

The fix could be as simple as replacing the broken jury system of 12 possibly unqualified people with three positively qualified professionals, persons trained in the art of implementing inductive and deductive reasoning to arrive at a guilty or innocent verdict. So who are these three qualified professional jurors? People that know how to think, engineers and scientists like Mr. Oliver!

And for us taxpayers, the cost savings associated with doing away with administration of current, sick system is likely in the billions of dollars nationwide.

CARL GRANDO, West Richland

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