Letter: Change in values

March 24, 2014 

A headline on the front page of the March 18 Herald read, " 'Today' host married, expecting baby." What is this headline to evoke from the reader? Happiness for the host's marriage and that she is with child or curiosity about the order of events -- pregnancy then marriage.

Far be it for me to "be the first to throw a stone" but our values, culture, morals or whatever we call them have significantly changed when the media, including Herald, boldly announce such behavior to the public as the apparent norm.

How do parents convince their teenagers that such headlines and so-called news are not presenting acceptable behavior?

Consider: Not too long ago (at least in my lifetime) husbands and wives on TV slept in separate beds and four letter words were limited to such as love, work, and like.

Now on TV we have "significant others" who get "together" with or without a bed and action and cartoon shows that use vocabulary that most of us would be embarrassed to use in front of our mothers.

Question: What are our values going to be in the future? Worse?

DON CURET, Richland

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