Letter: Plan for a better Electoral College

March 24, 2014 

A young lady from Pasco (Letters, March 19) is worried that the Electoral College concept diminishes her "one person -- one vote" power. However, the danger of this power can be related to the case where three wolves and two sheep are voting on what to have for dinner.

The Electoral College was initiated to protect the rights of the small population states. Large population states would have overwhelmed the smaller states in any election, making their individual votes irrelevant. The winner of the popular vote in the state gets that state's Electoral College votes in a winner takes all scenario (except Nebraska and Maine, where they use the congressional district method -- popular vote in each congressional district gets one vote and popular vote in state gets the two votes).

Washington has 12 Electoral College votes, but the heavily populated Interstate 5 corridor dominates the state's popular vote, making Eastern Washington irrelevant. I believe all states should shift to the congressional district method of apportioning Electoral College votes. This would restore the original concept of keeping the large from overriding the small.


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