Letter Best: Register and vote

March 23, 2014 

Why are there so many unregistered voters in the United States? All you hear lately are complaints from people stating "I'm not happy with this elected official" or "I don't agree with these laws," yet most of the people saying these things aren't registered voters or are registered but don't take the initiative to vote.

As citizens of the United States, we need to do our part and vote; it is our civic duty. If you go so far as to complain about how bad a situation our country is in, then vote, because it does make a difference.

Our educational system could include teaching students how to register to vote and emphasizing the importance of our voting system. I'm a senior in high school and don't have a clue on how or where to register to vote, but I have learned the importance of voting from my parents and my American government class at Columbia Basin College.

Voting isn't simply marking a box; you need to research the candidates and issues beforehand so you can make the right choice for your beliefs. If you don't vote, you are allowing other people to decide our country's fate. Your vote does count!


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