Fast Focus: 'What should the U.S. do to resolve the crisis in Ukraine?' Stop intervening

March 23, 2014 

Why should the U.S. do anything in Ukraine? We should not have or feel any obligation to respond. The U.S. stands for self-determination and the people of Crimea have voted to ally with Russia. So then, why is it any of our business?

Granted, the manner in which the vote was forced by Putin and his forces is despicable, we still should allow the people of Crimea to belong to whatever country they want; i.e., the right of self-determination.

Putin, as a former head of the KGB, is clearly interested in power and control and in trying to rebuild the former Soviet regime. He should be punished for that, lest we allow another Hitler to slowly annex territory. But how does one accomplish that without hurting the people of Russia, many of whom object to Putin's dictatorial policies?

Let's not start another round of the Domino Theory or unilateral action, as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. We see how well that has turned out. The U.S. is not the world's policeman; the U.N. should act if there is an act of aggression by a country and the U.S. is a member of the U.N. The U.S. is still paying for wars where the justification for participation was questionable. Let's stop this intervention policy now.


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