Fast Focus: 'What should the U.S. do to resolve the crisis in Ukraine?' None of our business

March 23, 2014 

I just emailed this letter to Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Rep. Doc Hastings. I recommend that everyone let them know what you think about our foreign policy on Ukraine and Crimea. What happens in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine is none of our business:

"President Obama and the United States need to mind their own business and stay out the affairs of other countries. What gives us the right to tell the people of Crimea that they can't secede from the Ukraine and become independent or a part of Russia? Is it a violation of international law? Perhaps, but so what? Is it a violation of the Ukrainian Constitution? Probably, but so what? Was it a violation of international law to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Definitely, but we are the United States and above the law.

We have a pretty good relationship with Russia right now. Let's keep it that way and mind our own business."


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