Fast Focus: 'What should the U.S. do to resolve the crisis in Ukraine?' Take look in the mirror

March 23, 2014 

Let's pretend.

Texas secedes from the Union and our federal government treats this decision like a child with a tantrum. The president, Congress and other 49 states regard the whining leaders of The Lone Star State as a kind of cartoon Calvin, having been told he can leave the table without eating his broccoli but must stay in his room. The rest of the nation lets Texas wallow in a snit for the time being.

Then a twist: Many Texans clamor for complete and total independence and even demonstrate en masse but the USA's president sends in troops to counter this independent fervor and tells the world how the Army, Air Force and Navy -- now in Texas -- are there simply to protect citizens loyal to the Union.

Far off, the USSR protests and says the USA acts like a playground bully and threatens consequences should the USA continue this aggression toward people yearning to be free.

America, caught off guard by Russia's actions, tosses the Russians a "Bronx cheer" and tells Texans it will consider adding Ted Cruz to Mt. Rushmore, all the while stiff-arming any Kremlin designs on the West.

"What should the U.S. do to resolve the crisis in Ukraine?" First see if we can clean up the shortcomings in our own backyard: disparate wealth, an unchecked military-industrial complex, crumbling infrastructure, insane NSA spying, rampant health care premiums, and exorbitant college costs, just to name a few of the injustices close by.

Then maybe, just maybe, by our country's practice of fairness and philanthropy, we can, by example, show other countries how a caring society works without having to impose sanctions or becoming involved in yet one more stupid war.

Er, who am I kidding?

-- BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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