Fast Focus: 'What should the U.S. do to resolve the crisis in Ukraine?' Bigger problems at home

March 23, 2014 

"What are we to do, or can we do, about Crimea?" I'm not quite sure I even understand the question. How did the word "we" get into the conversation?

I suspect less than 20 percent of the people in the Tri-Cities could have found Crimea on the map before this recent dust-up. I have no vested interested in Crimea. It used to belong to Russia and if they want it back, my response is ... OK. Maybe that is just my weariness of the last 10 -- going on 12 -- years of watching the government waste men and money in third world countries I have no interest in.

I'm not quite sure how many taxpayers are willing to "bail out" Crimea, when our own country could use a little "bailing out" itself. I'm certainly not.

-- JOHN PARKER, Kennewick

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