Letter: Columbia Park car sales a disgrace

March 22, 2014 

I have lived in Tri-Cities for more than 30 years, and I find the use of our park for a retail used car lot disgraceful. I have had family come to visit us and asked me, "Why is there a used car dealership in your park?" I had no good answer.

Recently the dealership left behind a disgraceful amount of debris. When you drove by Columbia Park you could see about 300 feet of string with deflated balloons. I have been walking our park and saw more than 500 feet of string between trees and on the ground. There is even some left from 2013.

They should be held responsible. If their contract with the Corps of Engineers says they do not have to clean up, who then? The debris is unsightly and unhealthy for our wildlife.

Please clean up your mess, and keep my your retail sales at your location.


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