Letter: Watch 'Inequality for All'

March 22, 2014 

I just finished watching this movie on Netflix. I didn't know who Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich was but the topic of income inequality is one of interest to me given the huge debates in government.

Now he is a teacher and by all appearances a great one. This movie is not political. It provides clear and thought-provoking information on our economy today and the history behind it. It is my hope everyone can put their politics aside in exchange for receiving some pretty interesting economic information on a national level.

Here you will understand why the presidency is actually for sale (no one seriously argues the Oval Office is not attained through money rather than votes); be reminded why unions were formed and their relevance in our country today if union members will remove the corruption -- that is their moral and ethical responsibility and why the debate on national economics is not about class wars and envy, but serious greed at the expense of our country and our democracy.

It provides strong motivation for evaluating why you believe what you believe and how your beliefs transformed to votes affect the wealth and health of our nation.


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