Letter: Unique Tri-Cities

March 22, 2014 

Lately there has been discussion about how to make the Tri-Cities appear unique.

Several things make this area unique. When I have had out-of-town guests, I have taken them on a tour to see the Hanford area (as much as is available for the public to see.) On the way, we meander through the Richland streets to see the alphabet houses. I explain as best I can that this is an excellent place to study geology because of the evidences of the Ice Age Floods. I have a video that I show.

Also, this is the area where Lewis and Clark finally arrived at the Columbia River. A drive that includes Columbia Point and Sacajawea Park is a good history lesson. These things are unique to our area, whereas vineyards and wineries are not. Other areas of the country have vineyards and wineries.

However, a drive through the countryside can show off our vineyards, orchards, wheat fields, potato fields and circle irrigated farms. The fact that the Tri-Cities has tripled in population in less than 40 years is evidence that this is a great place.


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