Letter: Don't blame angler for record catch

March 20, 2014 

Regarding the article, "Many critical of record catch," in the March 7 Herald.

John Grubenhoff is to be congratulated for his skill as a fisherman and for his dedication to the pursuit of the wily walleye. In this case, a world-class Walleye.

He stated that he releases those fish that are not record breakers or nearing this category. At times he keeps some fish for the table and the joy of a delicious meal. Our fraternity of fishermen could not ask for a more ethical sportsman.

If you wish to be critical regarding walleye fishing, please direct your ire at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Because of rule changes enacted by this august body regarding this great fish, the walleye, anglers can legally keep this species in any number and size on certain sections of the Columbia and all of the Snake River within the state. The section Mr. Grubenhoff was fishing is one of the areas on the Columbia. The removal policy enacted by the WDFW is where people need to direct their criticism. Again, congratulations John.

JIM WARREN, Kennewick

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