Letter: Teacher evaluations

March 18, 2014 

This latest attack on teachers is most disturbing. All teachers want students to learn, believe in assessing students using multiple meaningful assessments and want to become better at their craft.

Legislators entrusted educators to work collaboratively on the teacher/principal evaluation project (TPEP). Kennewick was chosen as a pilot district to develop this tool. The purpose is to enhance professionalism and look at student growth. As we implement the evaluation (TPEP) model, our elected officials at the federal and state level want to change the rules, mandating the use of state test scores.

The proposal to use state tests to evaluate teachers is flawed on several levels. These tests have a significant error of measurement that invalidates the results, they only measure language arts and math, and the testing schedule does not match the law that guides teacher evaluation.

High quality instruction is the source of learning -- not test scores.

The Herald editorial board should do its research before attacking Sen. Sharon Brown. She called teacher leaders, superintendents and got the facts about the funding fallacies before she voted. She researched and voted for what is best for Washington children and educators. For this, I support Brown's decision.

DENISE HOGG, Kennewick

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