Letter: More youth centers would prevent delinquents

March 17, 2014 

I hear all the time about how kids are so bad or how bad they have been behaving. But what no one stops to consider is that kids, whether they be in first grade or in 12th grade, need to keep themselves busy.

If someone sat down with the school district administrators and the city officials and brought up this topic, there might actually be some change. A great way to keep kids and students from participating in "delinquent" activity is to have something for them to do.

Yeah, sports and clubs are great, and they help to bring down the percentage of kids who are engaged in delinquent activity, but for some people, that isn't really their scene and they aren't participators.

The city needs to add more centers for kids that provide entertainment and fun so that their time spent after school isn't wasted on nonsense. We have one well-known center, which is the Martin Luther King Center, but it is way on the east side of Pasco. So, instead of wasting money on things the city doesn't really need, spend it on entertainment centers for kids.


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