Letter: Save Amon Preserve

March 17, 2014 

When I saw that Benton County commissioners are trying to preserve Candy Mountain, I started doing high fives. Let's make a concerted effort to protect natural treasures we have for the enjoyment of everyone in the Tri-Cities. One such area under current consideration by the city of Richland is Amon Creek Nature Preserve in South Richland. For those of you unfamiliar with this area, Amon Creek is the largest tributary of the Lower Yakima River in Benton County. The creek serves as an oasis in our dry climate.

This area, however, is threatened by plans for a Hayden Homes development that would put a major arterial through the preserve and a concrete culvert over the natural creek. The development would include track housing, strip malls and commercial stores that would come up against the nature preserve.

The future of Amon Creek Nature Preserve is in the hands of Richland City Council. Let's hope they have the vision, just as Benton County commissioners, to imagine a community woven with open space. A park, walking trail, bike path, or natural space is a gift we give ourselves and future generations.


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