Letter: Volunteer government

March 16, 2014 

Time magazine points out how six computer experts came to the rescue and salvaged Obamacare computer failures, putting the law on the road to technocratic health.

These young people were among the same ones who constructed the computer models which brought political manipulation into computer Nirvana and helped President Obama to be re-elected in 2012.

The administration had earlier given some $700 million, without a competitive bid, to a Canadian company with a tie to a good friend of Michelle Obama, for the colossal failure of the online rollout. They came from backgrounds like Google and Civis Analytics and apparently have made substantial incomes on their own before taking time off to bail out the president's signature program with their pro bono efforts -- the same president who has spent five years demeaning the evil rich (wink, wink).

Suggestion for Plan B: Fire all high level government officials and replace them with a corps of rich and talented idealists who will work for free because they are card-carrying Democrats and independently wealthy, having done so in an opportunistic economy. Such a move would do wonders for our national debt.

TOM BAKER, Waitsburg

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