Letter: Confident about reactor

March 14, 2014 

I'm told that Chuck Johnson from the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility has asked if a recent report on the Columbia Generating Station fills us Tri-Citians with confidence that the reactor won't blow up.

The answer to Mr. Johnson's query is not only yes, but a resounding "Hell, yes!" I have raised my family in this community for 40 years. My grandchildren live here. My dog lives here.

Vic Parrish, retired director of the Washington Public Power Supply System, is a friend of mine. I know people who work there. I have orders of magnitude more faith in the operations of that plant than I have in any pronouncement coming out of PSR.

Further, if this is the sort of science practiced by the physicians in this organization, I would prefer that any medical problems incurred by any member of my family be attended to by the closest shaman.


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