Letter -- Public safety tax: Yes

March 14, 2014 

It was an impressive process used to reach the decision to place the public safety sales tax on the Aug. 5 primary ballot. According to the Herald's articles, the matter was researched and analyzed by a citizen advisory committee.

This group of citizen taxpayers reached their own independent conclusion that a 0.3 percent tax was needed to properly fund criminal justice needs. The issue was then studied by the Law and Justice Council, comprised of county, city and other representatives. Their separate analysis supported the conclusion made by the citizen group, that a tax in that amount is needed.

The recommendation approved by commissioners is supported by our police chiefs, sheriff, county prosecutor and others -- the experts in their field. This sales tax is also supported by key business leaders and others; those who will be directly affected by a tax increase.

It seems to me paying three cents on a $10 purchase is well worth the cost to maintain the safety and quality of life in our community.


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