Letter: Superficial culture

March 14, 2014 

Letter: Superficial culture

Beauty is what every woman and girl desires. People always say that beauty lies within, however, in today's society, people tend to judge one another by how good they look instead of what they value in life.

In today's society, women feel the pressure to focus on appearances in order to feel that we are accepted by others. We are constantly being attacked by ads on TV and magazines, telling us what beauty looks like. The media is telling us that we must change our physical characteristics in order to "fit in." The constant desire to be thin, have perfect hair and flawless skin has become an obsession.

Why is society so concerned with physical appearance? People are losing sight of what is important and are too caught up in how to be flawless and beautiful. We, as a culture, are programmed to believe that looking young and beautiful is more important than anything else.

The pressure from the media can force us to try to reach perfection, which is unrealistic and impossible. Instead of being concerned with appearances, people need to learn how to accept themselves for who they are and improve their morals and values.


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