Letter -- Public safety tax: Yes

March 14, 2014 

Letter -- Public safety tax: Yes

While not a member of the tea party, I am a fiscal conservative sympathetic to many tea party causes -- reducing the national debt and federal budget. I generally oppose taxes. I do not trust our federal or state government.

I therefore read with interest the article on the upcoming criminal justice (public safety) sales tax that Benton County commissioners approved for the August ballot. A past president of the local tea party declared the party will campaign against this particular tax.

I don't know if this gentlemen still speaks for the party itself. If he does, I hope the party members are not blindly opposed to this measure. Each measure should be individually evaluated.

There is significantly more accountability on a local level tax. City and county government is more responsive to their constituents. Trust and confidence is built because of the contact we have with our leaders. I, for example, trust local law enforcement when they say resources have been stretched to the limit, and they need this tax.

The mission of the local tea party is to empower the people and take back our country. I hope they are open-minded enough to support a tax measure that is legitimately needed.

BOB HORGOS, Richland

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