Letter: Steptoe bushes dangerous

March 14, 2014 

I have a fun job providing transportation for our local special needs community via the Arc of Tri-Cities. There is one big drawback to this, however. That is the traffic circle at the bottom of Steptoe Street.

Who was it that decided there had to be bushes in the middle of this thing? Whoever it was seriously needs to revisit this. These bushes block the view from all directions, and I find that to be a flawed design.

When I have a full load, I am responsible for the lives of 14 people, and I take this seriously. Having to deal with the circle, and not have proper sight lines across it to see what traffic I have to deal with before entering is annoying in the extreme. Please find another "decoration" for this area, and open up the line a sight through it so those of us who use it feel maybe just a touch safer!


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