Letter: Still talking rabbits

March 14, 2014 

In regard to recent letters by Cynthia McMready and Liz Sapp responding to Darcy Sherman's letter Feb. 4, "About Rabbits."

I know Darcy personally. She is not a breeder. Her involvement with rabbits during the past 15 years has been as a loving, caring rabbit owner as well as a foster care provider and rescuer, helping less fortunate rabbits find forever homes. Her knowledge is from personal experience and communication with local veterinarians who are very knowledgeable concerning rabbits.

She has her rabbits fixed for overall health and to avoid adding to the already out of control rabbit population! There are situations in our community where rabbit ownership has clearly gone wrong, leaving dozens of domestic rabbits homeless. Many don't survive. Many become badly injured but at least might end up in a shelter, foster care or loving forever home.

All but one of Darcy's rabbits are very happily paired off. I've witnessed the depression, loss of appetite and overall ill health one of her rabbits suffered after loosing its mate. It was not until Darcy took her rabbit to choose another "friend" that its health was restored. So not all rabbits are solitary and many can be very happily pair off.

JAN BROWN, Kennewick

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