Letter: Why not a park?

March 14, 2014 

Last year, the voters of the Tri-Cities turned down the proposal for an aquatic center. If approved, it would have been located next to Broadmoor Boulevard off of Sandifur Parkway in West Pasco.

Personally, I was happy with this outcome. With all the development happening in West Pasco alone, I find these open spaces a breath of fresh air. I think a better use of this land would be to turn it into a park.

It is a common occurrence to see families walking through the neighborhoods, mothers and fathers with strollers or kids riding their bikes next to busy streets.

A park would create an environment for people to gather without having to be right next to the growing Sandifur Parkway. There is enough land to incorporate many different aspects -- maybe a track for walking, a soccer or baseball field, a fitness course with exercise stations, or even a small water attraction.

West Pasco is a great, growing community and shows much promise. A nice park would only help improve this area.


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