Toxicology report done on dead Pasco intruder

Tri-City HeraldMarch 13, 2014 

Pasco House Shooting

February 15, 2014 - The body of Stephan Sergio Aceves, 28, is removed from the front yard of 8011 Savary Drive early Friday in Pasco.

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Toxicology reports on a Pasco man who was shot to death by a homeowner last month are complete and ready to be reviewed by prosecutors, according to the Franklin County Coroner's Office.

Stephan Aceves, 28, was killed early Feb. 14 during a disturbance at a Pasco home. Police said Rudy Ontiveros, a nuclear plant security guard, shot Aceves inside the house.

Ontiveros, who owns the home, was asleep with his girlfriend and four children when he was awakened by Aceves pounding at the door, police said.

Aceves' family has said he was drinking on the night of the incident and may have mistook Ontiveros' house for his stepbrother's house, which is around the corner and across the street from Ontiveros' home.

Prosecutor Shawn Sant confirmed his office received the toxicology reports, and said they need to review that along with the medical examiner's report and police records before making a final finding.

He would not say what was in the toxicology report.

"You can guess that it concurs with what everybody knew, but the amount we're not disclosing until our final findings at the press conference," Sant told the Herald on Thursday.

The prosecutor wants to meet with Aceves' family and discuss his review, before taking his decision to the media and the public. He anticipates having a news conference next week.

Sant also mentioned that the homeowner's family has hired a lawyer, who has been in contact with prosecutors throughout the investigation.

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